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Infineon Technologies AG is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999, when the semiconductor operations of the former parent company Siemens AG were spun off. Infineon has about 47,400 employees and is one of the ten largest semiconductor manufactures worldwide. It is market leader in automotive and power semiconductors. In fiscal year 2019, the company achieved sales of €8.0 billion. Infineon bought Cypress in April 2020.

A former employee said this in a review: " In Infineon technologies performance and hard work means nothing except that you’ll be the one doing all the work while the long timers/ good ole boys get to do nothing but eat, sleep, surf internet/watch movies. And these good ole boys will disrespect you, belittle you, rude, think they’re better than you. NOT a fun place to go to work".


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Former Employee - Account Executive says

"HR told me any RSUs awarded to me were mine to keep when I resigned- days later but prior to the money getting into the bank account they withdrew them......."


"very bad very bad working culture"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They make promises but no follow through. Just string you along. They blow exorbitant amounts of money in some areas but little to no raises."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Care very little for employees. Prejudices are common and so is bullying. Very sad because there are good people too."

Technician says

"Having worked for previous companies, Fabs, this is by far the worse. Management does not trust the fab workers, safety and ergonomic issues go unfixed. HR and EHS act adversarial toward the fab workers when dealing with issues. It is unethical for a company that makes this much revenue not to fix safety issues that employees are exposed to."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It is a bad place to work."

Current Employee - Project Manager says

"The salary is not competitive."

Current Employee - Quality says

"how much time do you have?"

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Your daily routine consists of coming up with ways with blame someone for every small delay rather than give you time to focus on work. The blaming culture is a bit too extreme to the point that it can get sickening. Managers will jump 10 feet in the air if there is an email asking why there is a delay. Enough to give everyone hypertension. Very poor work life balance, you are informally expected to work round the clock including answering emails on the weekends. Not a healthy sign when communication on email is replaced by whatsapp messages especially when you're on the way to work in the morning."

Former Employee - Applications Engineer says

"Using lowest human resources to support many regions, that caused too many conference calls in the morning and deep night, work and life can't really blance."

Manufacturing Technician (Current Employee) says

"There is no good trainig department. There is no good benifts. There is no appreciate at work. Too much favouritism at work. There is no good communication at work."

employee (Current Employee) says

"Infineon has all the tools it needs to help employees, but management has its own agendas and they aren't help the employee its help themselves. there is a very noticeable separation between management and the average employee and it is to bad because I wouldn't call the company bad just the management teams in place. and because the corporate office is so far away I believe the corporate office is in the dark because the onsite HR person if you can call her that since she is only onsite twice a week is on the management side of the fence."

Fab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Always direct hire people who are relatives to management. Hiring contract people from left to right without any experience. Very low pay and small breaks. The management always worry about quantity than quality. Employee training is very poor. If you make any mustake during training you can lose your job."

Equipment Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was trying to stay afloat. Training was to be conducted to 90% with your trainer each day. More like 1% and the rest you somehow figure it out. Too many unscheduled special projects or known as duties as needed. I knew there was something seriously not right when I was elected to become a water boy. Lugging 12 five gallon water jugs from building to building was not my idea of technical work. Training was basically leave you on the floor to magically figure it out. Not to mention the operator level tests for a technician which you had to take home on your own time. I didn't know I elected myself to continue my education. You would be signed off for training that never happened. Also asked to come in on different shifts as if I have nothing to do. The agency continued to make mistakes on the shift differential and required two months to get it right. The health insurance never happened turned out the agency never submitted it.Free Pete's Whole Bean CoffeeA work week felt like a year."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Was told quality counts, but only care about quantity. Production and maintenance leads are “good ole boys”, performance and hard work means nothing except that you’ll be the one doing all the work while the long timers/ good ole boys get to do nothing but eat, sleep, surf internet/watch movies. And these good ole boys will disrespect you, belittle you, rude, think they’re better than you. NOT a fun place to go to work. They give free coffee, random donuts and cakes, and thinks this makes it a great place to work.Trying real hard to think of oneVery long list.....start with disrespect from leads production and maintenance"

Senior Technician (Former Employee) says

"Good place to work and friendly type of environment in production.Encourages myself to expose more knowledge about machines and functions of the parts of machine.Training is the part need to improve because most of the training is related process not to equipment.nilnil"

Senior Software Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Better not join. Free lunch is there. It is basically like a service company. Every time long hours of working. I use to return at midnight like 12 etc during software releases. Management is only pleasing the higher management which sits in germany and doesn't cares about the employees. Monthly 9 hours average is calculated within office.Free Lunch"

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Seit Jahren schwieriges arbeitsumfeld durch die vielen Entlassungen. Dadurch verstärkt Umverteilung der Arbeit auf die wenig übriggebliebenen. Schichtleiter und Vorarbeiter setzen die Leute die gehen sollen unter druck.Dies wird vom Management gefördert. Ansonsten gute Arbeit.Gute arbeitszeit"

Probe Operator (Former Employee) says

"Although being in the company for a couple of weeks, termination was imminent due to my lack of ability to retain the training techniques of a complex and extremely fast-paced work day. The workplace was stressful and not enough information was given during training, making my time there very confusing and unpleasant. Not my personal ideal workplace."

Operation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My job in Infineon is operator specialist, their product is micro cheaps, i have so many kind and good friends their, that is my first job out of my country (Philippnes). My expirience their in Malaysia was so good, but i think my future that's why I change my field of jobfree accommodation12 hours of duty"

Executive Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I love what I do and what I did there. Management was not consistent and did not set a safe and happy environment. Lack of accountability...Encouragement was lacking.Co-Workers were great to work withI was not happy there"

system engineer (Current Employee) says

"depending on your boss, if ok, your life would be better else, you will living like hurmm even you struggle to much to achieve team/dept goal, but no appreciation overall its very subjective. for benefits, all good"

Electronic Tester (Former Employee) says

"Terrible company. Barely gave me any training the first week, then they decide to terminate me before my last week of training can be complete because I'm 'not responding to the training'. Multi billion dollar company that expects the most out of its workers, but can't give a decent wage, even for those who have been certified or have spent years with the company. Unless you're management or have a degree in electrical engineering your chances of making a livable wage at this company is almost 0%. There are factories all over Leominster where long time employees are getting paid 25-30 dollars an hour. Look elsewhere.Easy work, air conditioned, easy schedule.Terrible training, boring, almost no promotion opportunities, very little pay."

Engineering Admin Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Very cutthroat and no real management skills. More play than actual work. Completely dysfunctional. No real organizational skills or targeted direction.Some of the employees were nice to work with and very humble.Favoritism, foul language used daily even by management, no employee appreciation"

Operator/Inspector (Former Employee) says

"-Needs better management. -Need to treat everyone equal. -Better pay for the type of job they do. ."

Internship at Infineon (Former Employee) says

"Was exposed to a variety of tasks such as the support of employee travel claims, tax and GST functions and fixed assets processes to ensure the amounts are updated in the SAP system. Seniors were open to suggestions and ideas. However, it was the total opposite of what the manager was like (showing favoritism to males), which made the environment quite stuffy.Nice seniorsBad manager"

Production Operator (Former Employee) says

"-Overwork. -Work on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. -Massive overtime pay. -Promotion available, after years of work. -Slight raise from promotion. -Fast paced. Speed and efficiency are most important. -Strict 30 minutes break. Clocking system. -Employees laid off or quitting is common.MoneyLose a great deal of time in exchange for money. Nothing else matters."

Senior Staff Application Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Infineon is a well run company with excellent technology and a heavy focus on producing technology that meets the needs for today's demanding market segments . However their local management( North America) had poor regard for experienced personnel and failed to clearly define roles and responsibilities and hold people accountable for doing their job. This placed a heavier and unnecessary burden on those trying to perform their job tasks in line customer needs . In addition I found the lack of cohesiveness between sales, marketing and engineering very frustrating and the atitude confrontational . The inability to recognize and capitalize on market trends and employ innovative ideas was also a frustrating part of the job .Managers seem to have no vision or initiative to evaluate new ideas and reward people those for creating them. This behavior was seemingly the opposite of what the company sought globally"

Operátor (Former Employee) says

"A csoport és műszak vezetők nagyon bekepzeltek. A munkatársak ott ásnak a masik alá, ahol csak tudnak. Hazudoznak, ki beszelnek. Az embernek semmi szabad ideje sincs. Tappenzre nem mehetsz el, mert akkor egybol megy a hátad mögött a mocskolodas. Legtöbb kolléga nő 80% a nagyon kétszínű spiné. Vigyazzni kell, hogy mit mond az ember.Tiszta környezet/ olcsó ételRabszolga munka/ 4 műszak kegyetlen"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"You start off as a temp and sometimes get made permenant. Temp wages vary a lot. Work is easy once you are done with training but it is difficult to put up with management and supervisors. You don't get any thank you for going in for overtime or for making numbers. All they care about is numbers. Management needs to have more human kindness. Most operators work on weekends and have 2 week days off. A lot of new temps get paid more that permanent people and some permanent people have been there over 10 years! I train a lot of the new hires and they get paid more than I do..when they have no experience. When I asked why HR said I can go back to the temp agency, lose my benefits and not be permanent so I can get more money.Work is easy. If permanent get 2 bonuses per yearManagement has no human kindness. You areLucky if you g et .50 cent raise per year."

B3D says

"Exact same thing as debc review..... they advertised SANDISK 8GB SDHC EXTREME III CARD 8 GB 30MB/S SDSDX3-008G and sent me the 20mb European sdsdrx3-8192-e21. Now they want me to return item for refund minus shipping and also pay return shipping. They clain that they don't have correct item in stock but they have it listed on their site as in stock but for more money. This is obvious a scam or either they are just really dumb. Stay away."

debc says

"i ordered sandisk extreme iii sdhc card 8GB/30mb/sec. I'm in the United States. I got a "UK" item (not sure if it's ok to use this in my new camera) - - and it's a sandisk iii sdhc card 8GB but only 20mb/sec. I tried to call (i ordered it thru but it's sent out from phone number! i sent 2 emails. got a response but it sounded like a 1st grader wrote it. I tried calling on sunday but rings and then says 'leave a message'. I don't know if I've been screwed or not. I am going to call my credit card company not and fille a dispute. BEWARE OF THIS TYPE OF COMPANY - - it is not reputable and has ZERO CUSTOMER service."

Cenk Caliskan says

"I ordered two Infineon 256 MB memory cards for my Toshiba Satellite and when they arrived, they did not work. I called the customer service and Mr. Chetan claimed that I ordered the wrong type of card: I should have ordered 16 chip cards instead of 8 chip ones. However, I had checked the compatibility on their website before ordered it, it was listed as compatible with Toshiba Satellite 1800-S203. I later ordered the same kind of memory card from Kahlon and they worked right out of the box, with no problem. I sent the cards from Emartbuy back but they deducted 15% "restocking fee" from the refund, claiming that the items were not defective. However, they were defective and the reason that they didn't work had nothing to do with compatibility."

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